The EPA’s move against “secret science”

The EPA is fixin to make a policy they say will combat “secret science” and increase transparency in government. I’m here to tell you WTF is up with that, and why this is not about transparency. It’s about resisting efforts to combat climate change in policy. Key context: The Clean Air Act requires the EPA […]

“Free Market” is an Oxymoron Pt. 2: Evil Exists

If you’ve been following the past few posts about how energy markets work, you’re probably asking the following Deep Question: So what? If it’s true that markets are a complex information-gathering system, and that information is key to accurate price discovery for energy… what does that mean for you, Average Energy Consumer? One thing this […]

Discuss: Energy and moral capabilities

I have questions for you! Please weigh in. In 1865, W.S. Jevons wrote about the eventual depletion of coal in England. Here’s the quote: “This question concerning the duration of our present cheap supplies of coal cannot but excite deep interest and anxiety wherever or whenever it is mentioned. For a little reflection will show […]

Part 3: The Crack Spread (yes, really)

In Parts 1 and 2, we learned about commodities and derivative markets. Today, we’ll talk about a different kind of natural gas trading, and, as promised, we’ll talk about the crack spread and why you love it. Hedging Further: OTC trading and commodity swaps Another type of risk-hedging is achieved through OTC (over-the-counter) trading. These are trades […]