RowlandDeep FAQ: Promises, false promises, and caveats.


Greetings, Citizen!

Welcome! Your Journey of Discovery has led you to seek out all things Jen. I’m so happy for you. My hope is to regale you with my thoughts, for what they’re worth. Now: For what may you hope? What ought you do? How shall you comport yourself toward Jen? Here, I set out to answer what I foresee as your Frequently Asked Questions, wherein I also answer Questions you Should Have Asked and Questions you Didn’t Think of Asking.

1. What may I hope?  

  • Once weekly, I will give you an entertaining and educational rundown of the week in US energy policy. You don’t think you want to know about this, but you do. Trust me. 
  • Once weekly, I will offer an in-depth explanation of some aspect of the energy infrastructure, policy, climate, or energy technology that will delight and titillate you.
  • At least once weekly, I will impose upon you a piece of short fiction, humorous insight, or other bit of self-serving mind-vomit.
  • Everything else is gravy. Lumps and all.

2. What ought I do?

  • Read and comment as you will. 
  • Don’t read and don’t comment as you won’t.
  • Make good choices.

3. How shall I comport myself?

  • Fictional, humorous, and poetic pieces are written in the voice of a fictional narrator, who is a much, much greater asshole than I am. Comments on these pieces will be handled accordingly.
  • That said, everything I say is about you. You should probably be offended. Change your life accordingly.
  • Be towards death.
  • That said, you’re totally not dead. Live accordingly.

4. What does Jen want?

  • Money, booze, women, and fame.
  • To forge in the smithy of her soul the unformed consciousness of our race.
  • Plus the first thing, only more of it.

5. What’s the meaning of life?

  • Freckles. I’m right about this.
  • Or, at least, I’m not wrong yet.

6. RowlandDeep implies a posse. Is that happening?

  • Yes. I rely upon and revel in community. In the words of Langston Hughes: “I play it cool/ I dig all jive/ That’s the reason/ I stay alive/ My motto/ As I live and learn/ Is dig and be dug in return.”
  • So, if you have a pressing issue, thought, or delightful piece of writing, let me post it here.


4 thoughts on “RowlandDeep FAQ: Promises, false promises, and caveats.

  1. I resent being considered a citizen. I renounce my citizenship in favor of Jenizenship! Is this permitted? Or must I apply for dual zenship before renouncing citizenry?
    Thrilled to have you blogging. Energy policy, I probably won’t have any thoughts on that at all…

    • You are hereby a Citizen of Jenmark, which entitles you to: precisely nothing, other than the joy of the company. You need have no preconceived notions regarding energy policy, though I imagine you’ll form some thoughts. It’s in your blood. You can’t help it.

      • Further, your resentment of Citizenship is a prerequisite for Citizenship, as I’ll only have those who wouldn’t be part of a group that will have them.

  2. A. P. R.

    I don’t want to be a member of anything, because it requires work. Does this include me? Am I a qualified Jenmarker? Or is it more properly said “Jenmarkian”?

    Will you be having Story Time soon?

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